What Magazines are you reading?

We are compiling an Innovative Magazine list for our readers. We would be interested to know what magazines you might think would be a good fit for this list. If it is not a mainstream magazine, please provide some information for us to check out. 

It would be great to see innovative ideas, innovative products, innovative resources, and creative content for the focus of magazines on this list. 

Team IML


5 responses to “What Magazines are you reading?

  1. Ellis Washington

    Outreach, Church Executive, Homiletics, Leadership

  2. I really like Collide Magazine and Relevant Magazine. They are the only two publications that provide real and relevant music, information for todays leaders.

  3. outreach magazine

  4. Good magazine.com
    relevant, collide, CT,

  5. Hey Jesse, CT, meaning Christianity Today? McSweeney’s not familiar with that one, tell me more.

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