Charlie Hall “The Bright Sadness”

Charlie Hall “The Bright Sadness

We just had a chance to listen to the new Charlie Hall cd “The Bright Sadness.” The first thing we really admired, is music production and creativity of this cd. It has a fresh sound, and does not by any means copy the norm of what is being released in Worship Music today. It is a voice to God whether we are in the greatest of times or the worst. 

The first song on the record is “Chainbreak,” which is an upbeat anthem about freedom in Christ. It is a great anthem to present those outside of the walls of the church stating the lines, “Come just as you are, Come just as we are.” 

“Walk the World,” is another great track, with an extremely catchy chorus. This is a great congregational song if you can walk away with the obedience that it is expressing. It focuses on being more of an influence in this world for Christ vs just inside the walls of the Church. There is a great phrase of being more like a walking sign for Jesus, even though we are broken and imperfect, and to let our hearts shine for a world that needs light. 

“Hookers and Robbers,” is a song that we really admired. It is calling anyone and everyone to come as they are and experience the Love of God. Charlie Hall states that he is not near perfect himself, that God has changed him. This is amazing that a song like this can be used anywhere in the world to reach out to people. We really appreciate the authentic nature of this song. 

“You are God” and “Mystery” will fit really well into your Worship Set’s and will have many gathered and chanting for Jesus. 

What we really admire about Charlie Hall, is his transparency. Charlie seems to write from a relevant and real stance of his role in this world. That even though we all fall short of the Glory of God, we continue to let our love shine for the love of Christ. His focus seems to be so much more than inside of the walls of the church for this project. The music, melodies and production are all outstanding for this album. “The Bright Sadness,” is a definite release to pick up to incorporate into your Worship Sets and ministries. 

Visit and you can get copies of the chord charts for all of his albums. 

Team IML

You can check out great resources by Charlie Hall and other artist at 


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