IML Pick: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

We at Innovative Ministry Leader love having the privilege to read books and recommend them. One thing we do not do on our site, is get paid to advertise, review, or anything of that nature. Reviews are our opinion of what we feel are great resources for Today’s Innovative Leaders. We make a point to read every word, and offer a strong recommendation. Feel free to comment and let us know of any great resources that we might be overlooking. 

One book that we picked up and could not put down was Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book is so deep that we strongly recommend that you pick a copy up. It is strongly endorsed by Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio and other influential leaders. 

The book challenges the calling of Christians to experience and radically respond to the love of God. This book challenges us to experience God’s overwhelming love and make radical changes in our living. Francis Chan encourages us to take a deeper look at the Bible and how it calls us to live our lives. 

Francis Chan challenges us to take our faith to a new level. As Christians it is not right to see what Jesus can do for us, rather what we can do to serve him. In Chapters 4 and 5, he talks about being Lukewarm, and what the bible says about the Lukewarm in Revelations 3: 15-18. It might make you a bit uncomfortable, but scripture will clarify the truth.

The book continues to get deeper and deeper with different concepts of God’s Love and how we as Christians are sometimes not getting the point. One thing, unlike most books, is the use of scriptures Francis Chan uses throughout the Chapters. It is great to see a book that is not all opinionated but driven by scripture. Chapter 9 gives some examples of actual individuals who live a life that is obsessed and crazy in love with God.

There are so many exciting points that this book makes, that you will have to pick up a copy and read for yourself. This book will help guide you from not just believing in God, but to truly fall in love with him in your daily life.

Francis Chan also has a website where you can stream videos and other resources that go with the book. 

Team IML

Crazy Love is published by David C. Cook


One response to “IML Pick: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

  1. loved this book. great read. very challenging. mark batterson’s new book is a great read as well.

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