What If…We became the Olympics


What If: We became the Olympics

Our last post “What if We Became One” strike up such a discussion on many different blog sites, we wanted to start a continuation of it. 

What if we as believers, became more like the Olympics. There are so many aspects that could influence us as believers and leaders, as we sit and watch this event that takes place every four years. 

Look at all the different countries at opening ceremony. All coming together to compete in their favorite sports. It is a time of celebration, joy, and pride for each others country. Even though most of the countries have different backgrounds, heritages, and beliefs, they come together for ONE event that is televised on a global platform. 

Why can’t we as churches come together like this? Why can’t we all gather together in thousands to celebrate Jesus? Why can’t we all call on his name as ONE? Why can’t we start a movement that helps end poverty, sickness, and other world crisis as one? 

Is it time that we choose the best of the best leaders to come together for an Olympic Movement? We have made a few comments on a few blog sites, of what would happen if we organized a meeting for the Churches top influential leaders to plan any type of movement together. Were talking about Osteen, Groeschel, Hybels, Bell, Warren, Noble, Driscoll, Young Jr., Graham and other top leaders to spend a day together to start a movement for Jesus as One. Imagine the influence, resources, and other help they could come up with to guide Churches worldwide to start a unified movement for Christ. 

A deeper look of how this idea could definitely start a positive shift, is take a look at the USA Men’s Basketball team. You have LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and other top NBA players on one team to represent the USA against the world. In the first game the dominated the scoreboard. You have some of the most talented, influential players in the World on ONE team playing for the Gold. 

Is it possible for God’s Churches to one day achieve true unity? Is it possible to unify all these influential leaders to work together for Jesus? How can we start this Olympic Movement for Christ?

The time is now for us as ONE to go for the Gold.

Team IML


10 responses to “What If…We became the Olympics

  1. What If…we became like Jesus.

  2. Great insight Tim, short and simple and 100% true. We used the analogy of the Olympics to possible motivate the church to move closer to becoming like Jesus. Walls have to come down.

  3. When I look at Tim’s post, I get something entirely different out of his meaning. Jesus came to do His Father’s will. He sought His Father’s will at every step of the way. I am not saying it is not a good idea for Christians to gather together or work together, but our first priority should always be to seek out what the Lord would have us do, and then do it.

    My question: what is God’s plan? Is it possible that His plan is for all these great leaders in the church to continue doing what the Lord already told them to do? We have to admit that as a possibility.

    Is anyone asking the Lord what His plan is? I have not seen comments on this site to that effect yet, and it concerns me. Why? The apostles gathered together and chose Matthias to replace Judas Iscariot, but was that the Lord’s plan? Then we see the Lord tap a short guy from Tarsus, a guy who became Paul and then wrote down more than 1/4 of the New Testament. Whatever became of the guy the apostles chose? We do not hear about him after the apostles chose him.

    Jesus already started a movement with a simple message over 1900 years ago: “He is risen.” If the Lord desires to use various prominent people together in the way that has been described website, I say go for it. But we ought not presume that what would be such a great idea in our minds would have anything whatsoever to do with what God has in mind. We need to seek the Lord and find out what he would have each of us do individually as well as collectively.

    If the bible teaches us anything about this subject, it is that following God’s plans succeed, but following men’s plans are just a waste of time. If we are going to be like Jesus, and Tim reminds us, we MUST submit ourselves to the will of God the Father as Jesus did. And that inherently requires that we seek — and follow — His guidance, not our own ideas.

    E. J. Smeltz, Author, “Obeying God Uphill.”

  4. E.J. Great Insight, I agree with you. We first must find God’s will in our lives, before anything can happen. I think if we as Christians made this a priority, coming together on any level would be easier.

    The purpose of this post is to find a way to try and unify God’s church more as one. We strongly believe at IML that God’s will is for us to be one, unified body for him.

    Tell me more about your book, and please continue to post.

  5. Anyone ever heard of the sermon on the mount? Just an observation.

  6. AND did Jesus not call together his “Dream Team” to go out and gather people to them and reach people for Him?

  7. EJ, you haven’t seen anyone talking about seeking God’s will. I haven’t seen anyone NOT seeking God’s will either.

    By the way, how much of the bible a person penned is not a measure of their effectiveness. Perhaps Matthias couldn’t read or write.

    What about the guy who carried Jesus’ cross? He gets how much mention? Yet he witnessed so much. What about John, the beloved apostle? How much of the bible belongs to John?

    The apostles prayed and then cast lots to see what GOD would have them do. I think you very much need to re-read this story.

    So guys, quit picking apart this example that Team IML has tried to use to provoke thought about how we as Christians ought to act and live. See this for what it is.

  8. EJ, you seem to have put a lot of thought into your comment. It’s great to remind our brother’s and sister’s in Christ to keep our activities in line with God’s will, because then and only then will they be blessed and able to be a blessing. And that the best way to do that is to pray for God’s will, our willingness, and to spend time listening for an answer, as well.

    I didn’t perceive IML to be saying “Let’s do this,” but rather, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get along well enough to do this?” From personal experience, it’s very difficult to a single church to all agree on a matter, much less add another church of the same denomination! Or more, another denomination. And add to that all of the cultural backgrounds (even just in one country!) that Christians come from. We are so willing to submit to what WE want for the greater cause, KNOWING that it is God’s will (without prayer or with prayer but without submission) that we are unwilling to imagine that God’s plan may be something altogether different.

    IML may be suggesting that we try to do things as though we are One Body in Christ, as described in I Cor. 12:12-14. Just as in the olympics there are many countries, but one celebration. We as Christians each have our part to do, some of us were created to pray, some to action, etc…… but all for one purpose….God’s will.

    And it’s not about who gets how much credit. You used the example of who penned how much of the Bible. Well, Jesus was the REASON for the bible- but the man, Jesus, did not write one word of it. Yes, the bible was penned by men who were led of the Holy Spirit to do so. And Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are One. We cannot measure the worth of these men based on how much of the Bible they wrote, because they didn’t write it. God did. And perhaps your Matthias was too busy DOING God’s work to write. Or maybe his writtings were destroyed or simply haven’t been found yet? But that really doesn’t matter, now does it?

    I would also suggest that we remember that sometime we don’t LIKE God’s will. That’s why it’s so important to pray for our own submission. Proverbs 21:2 says, “Every way of man is right in his own eyes;” ESV
    We come up with some really awesome and grand ideas on how to further God’s will along. And then we step to it, forgetting to pray, LISTEN, and then, SUBMIT to God’s will…..even if it doesn’t agree with ours. Just because IML hasn’t asked us to pray about this or posted a prayer about it on this blog does not mean that “he” hasn’t himself spent much time in prayer about it. If you, specifically, are to be involved in it, YOU should pray about that. But once we have our answer from God, the next step is taking action.

    However, as I stated earlier, I don’t believe IML was planning an event. But rather, making an example of something we are all familier with to show us how Chirstians are supposed to behave with one another and what can happen when we do.


  9. Katie,

    Thank you so much for your response. You have great insight. The purpose of this post was to just start a discussion of ideas on how to unify the body of Christ. I strongly believe in prayer and seeking God’s will, and thank you for a constant reminder of that. You are right in line with the way we are thinking.

    We believe in reaching the lost whole heartily and doing whatever short of sin to get to them for Jesus. We strongly believe as the bible states that Unity is an important aspect as Katie posted above (1 Cor 12:12-14), and it is time for the Churches Worldwide to put aside their differences and become one.

    Katie feel free to write anytime.

  10. We at IML have a calling to help leaders around the World. Our mission is:

    To equip Today’s Ministry Leaders with information and insight to effectively deliver the gospel to today’s culture.

    -To be the leading provider to New International Mission Plants around the world.

    We have a huge project that is coming in 2009 that has been many years of prayer and planning that we feel will help train and equip leaders all over the world to bring more people to Christ.

    What we do on this blog is provide questions that challenge people to think for themselves and look directly to God for answers. We do not ever want someone to walk away saying “IML Says” Thanks to everyone for providing insight and information.

    Team IML

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