Innovative Worship Leader: Fee

Straight out of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Ga, Fee (whose former indie titles were released under the name Steve Fee) comes to redefine innovation in worship.

From airy riffs with U2-esque delay effects to crunchy straightforward rock and roll, the album “We Shine” runs the gambit on instantly loveable worship tunes that will be sure to satisfy the urge of any worshipper to praise God loudly.

The album opens with with the song “All Because of Jesus” which contains lyrics that are easy for any believer to take ownership of in their praise to God. A highly relatable, and rythymically pleasing song, “All Because of Jesus” has already become a staple in the setlist of many worship leaders.

But what of the album’s title track? You’d expect the title track of an album to be a song that clearly defines the album’s theme. “We Shine” does not disappoint. This track is a soaring anthem whose theme is worshipping freely, in spirit and in truth as we as worshippers are called to do. From beginning to end, this song not only promotes unrestrained worship, it inspires it. It has become a popular anthem for many events and conferences this Summer.

“Beautiful the Blood” is another song that will sure to find way into your Worship Set. It has amazing dynamics from start to finish. You will also recognize a well produce cover of Tim Hughes, “Happy Day” on the album as well. 

It only takes a moment listening to the honesty in the writing and the vocals of Steve Fee to realize that this is someone who truly loves God and lives to worship Him.

This is more than just an album, it is a worship experience and we at Innovative Ministry Leader wholeheartedly recommend that you check it out! 


Team IML


2 responses to “Innovative Worship Leader: Fee

  1. I love you Stevie…..


  2. Thanks i will def check them out. rock on!

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