IML Top 10 Blog Sites

We wanted to list some of Innovative Ministry Leader’s top picks for blog sites. We try to read each of these sites daily for they contain tons insight and innovation. 

Here is our Top 10 list:

1. Swerve: Authors Craig Groeschel/Bobby Gruenwald

2. Church Marketing Sucks

3. Tony Morgan

4. Perry Noble

5. Catalyst Catablog

6. Ragmuffin Soul

7. Tim Stevens

8. Mark Driscoll

9. Pyromarketing Greg Stielstra

10. How to change the world: Guy Kawasaki

Let us know some of your favorite sites. We are always looking for innovative blogs to read. 

Team IML


3 responses to “IML Top 10 Blog Sites

  1. – check it!

  2. Greg, Love your site, I am going to add you to our Blogroll.

  3. I devote my micro-blog site on Twitter to providing links to articles on leadership, branding, the media, Internet marketing, and evangelicalism. You may find useful and adaptable information there.

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