IML Pick: Campus

This week Innovative Ministry Leader is highlighting the amazing things that is doing. Over the next few months we want to look at some incredible innovative churches across the World and share what they are doing to reach people. definitely tops the list. The Internet Campus was created for anyone, anywhere in the world to access Church live, including worship, and community. There are several times on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday where you can log in and join. It starts out with a chat application where you can talk to people anywhere in the world. This is a way that fellowship has been kept on the web vs inside a church. Then at the precise time, Worship starts just as it is on one of the campuses. After worship Craig speaks, and there is even an invitation to receive Christ. After that their is a designated Campus Pastor that will continue the conversation of how to begin a relationship with Christ. 

This is great for people that travel all the time but more importantly a great resource for people that are hesitant to step foot into any church. This is a creative way to have someone engage without feeling pressured. They also have the same application in Second Life, which is a virtual 3D world. It is actually a Church that they built, where they can interact with many individuals across the globe. 

Tomorrow we will discuss some of the resources that is giving a way for free.

Team IML


2 responses to “IML Pick: Campus

  1. Thanks for shout-out! It really has been amazing to be a part of what God is doing in lives all over the world. These tools allow us that opportunity. What amazing opportunities we (the Church) have. God bless!

  2. Thanks for your post. Look forward to telling the World more about what Lifechurch is doing to help impact people around the globe.

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