Time to get with it….Live from PWI

We have been hanging out at the Pure Worship Institute this week, and it has been an amazing experience. PWI exceeds any Worship Conference we have ever seen. There is such a strong quality of teachers and musicians, leading the next generation of Worship Leaders. What is truly amazing is that this event was not to attract many people in search to hear their favorite Worship Artists. It is all about developing skills and strengthening Worship Leaders to start a revolution that will lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Much of which is being taught is bold, and is making Worship Leaders get out of their comfort zone. Jeff Deyo, who has organized this event with Worship City Ministries, has such a deep passion for the lost, and being able to equip each leader in attendance to go back out into the world and make an impact. Jeff had even made a statement, that he wants this generation to exceed anything he has ever done and rise up for Christ.

One thing that really stands out is each evening, Worship is open and free to the public. Why can’t we see this at more conferences where we are training and equipping leaders to open the doors and let the public experience amazing Worship. Last night was led by Jonathan Lee, and the spirit of God filled the room. The Worship was led with the theme of Freedom, and getting rid of the chains that hold us back in Worship. 

I hope this can be a challenge to many of other organizations, to put aside what attracts the most amount people for the sake of a profit and focus that their is a need to train and equip Worship Leaders to get their butts out into the World and reach people for Christ. Too much of what is being taught today is what sells within the church vs. what resources can be used to lead people closer to Christ.

Perhaps some of you would like to share some insight??


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