Innovative Worship Leaders (Help us Pick!)

Let us know who you think should be considered.

We want to see who you see as an Innovative Worship Leader for 2008-2009. Who is going to be part of a huge movement of Worship for this Generation. Worship Leaders that will help bring the outside world closer to God. We have Started the list, and we want to finish with a Top Ten. Help us pick. Who do you think belongs on a top ten list? (Lets stick with the guys other than Tomlin, Crowder, etc. We already consider them to be amazing, and have done so much and will continue to this year.)

Here are our first five we strong believe will be a part of this movement.

1. Fee (Steve Fee) Based out of North Pointe, Steve is an amazing Worship Leader with a strong heart, His Songs include, Glorious One, How Beautiful the Blood, We Shine, All Because of Jesus and many more.

2. Phil Wickham- Very Creative, amazing song called True Love that has a different spin on Worship. Latest album is “Cannon.”

3. Worth Dying For– Considered a similar version of Hillsong but here in America. Have many powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” They have a huge youth following in California.

4. JLee (Jonathan Lee) Co-Writer with Jeff Deyo, Jonathan has finally started recording his first album. Co-Written, “Jesus I Surrender”, “Unveil,” and many more. His latest single will be “Beautiful King,” which will release on his new album early 2009.

5. Tenth Avenue North– Incredible worship band originally from South Florida. Have a hit single out now called “Love is Here.”

Once we compile a top ten list we will do reviews on all of the artists. 



15 responses to “Innovative Worship Leaders (Help us Pick!)

  1. kristian stanfill

    vicky beeching

    michael neale

  2. Great Picks, Kristian Stanfill is defn a strong consideration. That is funny, because we were talking about Michael Neale this morning. That should be a strong pick as well. Vicki Beeching is amazing too. Thanks Joel for picking these. Would you mind if we add CEC to our Blogroll, we have been reading you blog for a while and love your blog for a resource.

  3. yeah feel free. thanks..which site should I add to mine? it looks like you guys will be going hosted soon

  4. you can use the site is being built over the next few months. The blog was a perfect way to start interaction. Always keep us posted with products, artists, and resources that we should know about.

    Talk to you soon.

  5. thanks for listing the worship community as well. 🙂

    I am going to be changing mine as well..if its not too much can you change my link to just Joel Klampert…thanks

  6. Good call Joel … of the ones mentioned on the blog, I must confess, I only recognize Steve and Phil … neither of which I’ve heard in a corporate worship environment.

  7. Hey Fred, wow your missing the best side of Phil and Steve. Phil led worship at the National Worship Leader Conference last year. He was one of the most well received artists there. It is a shame they did not have him back this year. Steve, is a full time Worship Leader at North Pointe, which is Andy Stanley’s church. Steve just did the East Coast Worship Summit in PA, and was amazing. He has also written for Crowder. Definitely check out the other artists. Jonathan Lee is in the progress of a new album, but his songs with Jeff Deyo are great. You can listen to one of his latest writings “Beautiful King on his MySpace. Worth Dying For is part of a big youth movement with a fresh sound, and Tenth Avenue North are a group of Worship Leaders from a church in Palm Beach, FL that just had their first major release.

    Fred do you have any recommendations?

  8. Also thinking of adding Starfield, Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, Laura Story and Leeland

  9. fee is awesome…and a great worship leader…
    I am a huge fan of worth dying for.

    I would also add
    Matt Maher
    brenton brown
    Paul Baloche
    Shane & shane

  10. Great picks, Shane and Shane is another great one.

  11. Definitely on the Shane & Shane.

    I’ll also agree with JLee, Brenton Brown, Fee, etc.

    Anyone think about Lincoln Brewster in this category?

  12. We are going to work on this top ten list for now, keep posting more titles and we will review over the next few months.

    Steve Fee
    Worth Dying For
    Phil Wickham
    Tenth Avenue North
    Matt Maher
    Brenton Brown
    Laura Story

  13. We will also include Shane and Shane on the next ten. Keeping an eye on Kristen Stanfill and Michael Neale.

  14. If you’re actually looking for “innovative” worship artists
    you should be considering:
    The Michael Gungor Band
    Ian McIntosh
    The Glorious Unseen

    These guys are actually doing new stuff and breaking away from the same old, same old mainstream “Hillsong United” rut. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

  15. Hey that’s my name! heh

    I’d go this way

    The Glorious Unseen
    JesusCulture (may be a little bias there heh)

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