Pure Worship Institute



Pure Worship Institute. July 20-25 Goodlettsville, Tennessee

I have to say this is the most effective event any Worship Leader or Musician could attend this Summer. Organized by previous Sonicflood Frontman, Jeff Deyo, the Pure Worship Institute really hits the nail. The event will not be designed around sitting in Concerts listening to your favorite Worship Leaders, but provide a real hands on approach to Worship. Jeff Deyo, describes this event as a “Mini University.” There will be many professional in attendance to teach and work with attendees. Some of these include Natalie Grant, Sheri Gould, Lou Santiago Jr, Chester Thompson (Genesis Drummer), Jeff Deyo, and many more.  

On the other site there will be nightly Worship Experiences, featuring Jeff Deyo, Jonathan Lee, Eddie James, and Brian & Ramey Whalen. Jonathan Lee is an amazing Worship Leader and if you have not experienced Worshiping with him it is a real blessing. 

I know this post comes with this event with less than a week away but after attending other large Worship Conferences over the past year, this is a true value for training funds. Jeff Deyo has an amazing heart and wants to be a crucial part in leading the next Generation of Worship Leaders.  

Visit the site at http://www.pureworshipinstitute.com



One response to “Pure Worship Institute

  1. Very Cool Blog. I am not a worship leader, but a high-energy worshipper!! I just did a few blog posts on Jeff Deyo, Hope you can stop over and check them out. Blessings, Robin

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