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Brenton Brown “Because of Your Love” Album Review

We received an advance copy of Brenton Brown’s new cd “Because of Your Love.” This is an excellent follow up from Brenton’s first cd, which included the popular single “Everlasting God” and many more. First off let me start by saying I have seen Brenton and his team and they are pure Worship Leaders at heart, and have a deep passion to Worship God with all that they have. 

The cd starts off with the title track “Because of Your Love,” which is a great power anthem that is easy to pick up. It basically give’s God the thanks for all he has done for us. This is a great opening song for a Worship set, that will have voices raised. The third song on the record is “Adoration,” which feature Leeland Mooring. All I can say is THANK YOU, for finally putting a Worship Song out that is not the typical sound of everything that is out in the Worship Market. It has a unique feel, but is extremely easy to play and will have many joining in worship. One of the most powerful songs on the cd is “Amazing God,” which is yet another powerful anthem of how great God is. It has a catchy chorus that is great for congregational worship. The cd overall has many creative sounds, that makes it unique and one of a kind. 

This is definitely an album that all of us at Innovative Ministry Leader recommend. Brenton has a lot of strong collaboration, writing with Paul Baloche, Matt Maher, and others on this record. It is super easy to learn and incorporate into your ministry or church. The album is now available through Itunes. It has no official release date for stores yet but we will update as soon as we hear.



6 responses to “Brenton Brown’s New Album

  1. Hey,
    Great review … I just discovered your blog via Confessions of a Worship Leader. I also appreciate your checking our our site, “TheWorshipCommunity.Com” at

    This review would be great on that site … are you interested or open in us re-publishing it there?


  2. Hey Fred, feel free to use it and any content on our site. We are all about Partnerships. I will add you to my Blogroll, we would love to be on yours too. We are going to be launching an amazing training platform for Ministry Leaders in 2009. It would be great to keep in touch and when we get ready for launch give you the insight of what is coming.

  3. awesome … consider yourself linked.

  4. Thanks Fred! Talk to you soon.

  5. Steve Cortinas

    Album is available through itunes.

  6. Thanks Steve, I will edit the blog.

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