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Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List (so far…)

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List. However we feel that there are many more that need to be part of this list. If you know of any Worship Leaders that are just breaking out, or not that discovered yet we want to know about them. All of these artists have amazing hearts and care deeply about rising up Worship Leaders for this generation. (Of course we endorse all of the big ones as well, Tomlin, Crowder, etc. We will include them down the road) 

1. Fee (Steve Fee) Based out of North Pointe, Steve is an amazing Worship Leader with a strong heart, His Songs include, Glorious One, How Beautiful the Blood, We Shine, All Because of Jesus and many more.

2. Phil Wickham- Very Creative, amazing song called True Love that has a different spin on Worship. Latest album is “Cannon.”

3. Worth Dying For– Considered a similar version of Hillsong but here in America. Have many powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” They have a huge youth following in California.

4. JLee (Jonathan Lee) Co-Writer with Jeff Deyo, Jonathan has finally started recording his first album. Co-Written, “Jesus I Surrender”, “Unveil,” and many more. His latest single will be “Beautiful King,” which will release on his new album early 2009.

5. Tenth Avenue North– Incredible worship band originally from South Florida. Have a hit single out now called “Love is Here.”

6. Starfield- Energetic and passionate Worship Leaders. Starfield emerges from Canada, with a fresh innovative sound.

7. Brenton Brown- Writer of “Everlasting God,” Brenton Brown keeps a fresh unique sound to worship.

8. Laura Story- Writer of “Indescribable,” Laura Story has so much passion for teaching and leading people in Worship.

9. Matt Maher Writer of “Your Grace is Enough,” has fresh new sound for Ministries to engage in.

10. Leeland- Amazing young talent from Texas. Has Co-written with Michael W Smith, and has released two amazing albums. Strong passions for Worship, with Innovative Approach.

IML Pick: “You Version” from

This is probably one of the most amazing, innovative resources that Lifechurch has given away. “You Version” is the Holy Bible, New and Old Testament online with tons of features. It is also available in many translations as well. Recently it has become fully integrated with the IPhone 3G. 

Again it is completely free, so check it out today.

Team IML

IML Pick: Prayer








In June launched One Prayer. ( It was an opportunity for hundreds of Churches to join together for one series. Craig Groeschel presented the question that if you had one prayer for the church at large what would it be. One Prayer was a chance for churches to preach one Sunday and then choose from over 60 other messages from Pastors around the world to broadcast to their church for what their “One Prayer” would be. Craig’s prayer for was “Make Us One.” The campaign also had a goal for churches as one to raise money to start 500 churches over seas. 

The campaign was extremely successful. Over 1,600 churches became a part of the partnership, with close to a million people viewing each week. They were able to raise thousands of dollars for world wide mission. It is great to finally see such “true” unity in the body of Christ. 

Team IML

IML Pick: Campus

This week Innovative Ministry Leader is highlighting the amazing things that is doing. Over the next few months we want to look at some incredible innovative churches across the World and share what they are doing to reach people. definitely tops the list. The Internet Campus was created for anyone, anywhere in the world to access Church live, including worship, and community. There are several times on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday where you can log in and join. It starts out with a chat application where you can talk to people anywhere in the world. This is a way that fellowship has been kept on the web vs inside a church. Then at the precise time, Worship starts just as it is on one of the campuses. After worship Craig speaks, and there is even an invitation to receive Christ. After that their is a designated Campus Pastor that will continue the conversation of how to begin a relationship with Christ. 

This is great for people that travel all the time but more importantly a great resource for people that are hesitant to step foot into any church. This is a creative way to have someone engage without feeling pressured. They also have the same application in Second Life, which is a virtual 3D world. It is actually a Church that they built, where they can interact with many individuals across the globe. 

Tomorrow we will discuss some of the resources that is giving a way for free.

Team IML

IML Pick: is by far one of the most Innovative Churches in the country. As recognized in Outreach Magazine as the Most Innovative Church in the Country, it is amazing of all they have done in the last few years. Over the next few days, we would like to focus on some key focus areas of what they do to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Besides what they are doing at their own churches, they are serving and helping thousands of Churches across the world. is one church in Multiple Locations. They have campuses in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, and more are coming up all over the country. Each campus has a Campus Pastor, Worship Leader, and depending on size, a kid’s Pastor’s, plus other staff positions. Instead of growing as one large Mega Church, they have used the concept of multiple services at each location. As the campus grows larger, they eventually plant another campus in the general area. At each campus the Worship is live, with an entire Worship Team, that plays an Innovative approach to Worship Music. Most of the songs played are from artists in our Innovative Worship Leader list we posted a few weeks ago. 

The Lead Pastor of, is Craig Groeschel, based out of Oklahoma. We at Innovative Ministry Leader position Craig as one of the most Innovative, Real pastors in the World. Each week Craig is filmed live in Oklahoma, and then broadcasted by satellite to other campuses. Craig’s vision is simple, that it is to lead a church that consistently leads people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. His heart for reaching the lost is unending. All of his sermons are given away for free which we will talk about later. Craig wants to see churches united, and become one, so that more people will encounter God. Later this week we will talk about the following things is doing to achieve this. 

Internet Campus

One Prayer

Open Network

You Version


In the mean time, visit to learn more.

Team IML

Time to get with it….Live from PWI

We have been hanging out at the Pure Worship Institute this week, and it has been an amazing experience. PWI exceeds any Worship Conference we have ever seen. There is such a strong quality of teachers and musicians, leading the next generation of Worship Leaders. What is truly amazing is that this event was not to attract many people in search to hear their favorite Worship Artists. It is all about developing skills and strengthening Worship Leaders to start a revolution that will lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Much of which is being taught is bold, and is making Worship Leaders get out of their comfort zone. Jeff Deyo, who has organized this event with Worship City Ministries, has such a deep passion for the lost, and being able to equip each leader in attendance to go back out into the world and make an impact. Jeff had even made a statement, that he wants this generation to exceed anything he has ever done and rise up for Christ.

One thing that really stands out is each evening, Worship is open and free to the public. Why can’t we see this at more conferences where we are training and equipping leaders to open the doors and let the public experience amazing Worship. Last night was led by Jonathan Lee, and the spirit of God filled the room. The Worship was led with the theme of Freedom, and getting rid of the chains that hold us back in Worship. 

I hope this can be a challenge to many of other organizations, to put aside what attracts the most amount people for the sake of a profit and focus that their is a need to train and equip Worship Leaders to get their butts out into the World and reach people for Christ. Too much of what is being taught today is what sells within the church vs. what resources can be used to lead people closer to Christ.

Perhaps some of you would like to share some insight??